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IGOROTDO: The Warrior Within

After living in America for nearly four decades, two things seem to always come to mind. First, I have come to learn that an overwhelming amount of people are disconnected from their heritage. The desire to become American can be so strong that many people end up abandoning their ethnic identity. Sadly, it doesn’t take several generations for this disconnection to happen.

I, for example, am one of many first generation immigrants who have experienced this disconnection.  Many of us have immigrated to America at a young age and were thrown head first into the daunting process of assimilation that many immigrants undergo.  At first, we abandon our native languages and accents.  Our ancestral culture and ways of living are then sacrificed for a new way of living and thinking.  Eventually, we have kids who know very little or nothing about their Igorot heritage.

Secondly, I have always been amazed how many people are not happy with their occupation. Many even hate what they do for a living and constantly wish they could be doing something else. Whether it is called a job, career, business or trade; there seems to be too many people “stuck” in something they don’t belong in.

I learned this early in life when my father, a civil engineer by degree, left his engineering profession to test the waters of America’s entrepreneurial system. In the end, his creativity replaced his trained analytical background. My father, the once highly educated valedictorian, taught me that we must find our true purpose in life so that we don’t end up miserable.

My first novel, “Igorotdo: The Warrior Within,” uses actual historical events in the Philippines, America and Japan to tell an inspiring "fictional" story about my Igorot heritage, assimilation and our purpose in life.  Read how the main character, Alex, embarks on the most important journey in his life to connect to his estranged Igorot heritage and find his true purpose in life.  Filled with adventure, action and a touch of romance; readers from all ethnic backgrounds will enjoy and benefit from this story.

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8/12/10 - Expected release date - 2011

10/2/10 - My recent decision to work change publishers will push release further out than expected. 

9/11/11 - Manuscript is still in editing stage with an editor.