Saturday, September 11, 2010

September 11 Remembered

Today is the ninth anniversary of a very horrific moment in America.

Hard to believe it’s already been nine years since I was up on a Tababuya tree watching people frantically running inside the Morikami Museum in Delray Beach, Florida to watch something on the news.

Refusing to give into any such distractions, I continued working only to find my stomach turned upside down later that evening as I watched through watery eyes; the evil that made its way into thousands of souls around.

Three years later, I drove to Bridgehampton, New York to manage a new project for work.  When my work was finished, I hopped into my truck on September 11, 2003 and began driving back to my home in Florida.  When I drove through New York City, I was completely unaware that the people of that city dedicated a moment of silence at the exact time the Twin Towers perished. I turned on the radio in my truck and heard Howard Stern. “Why is Howard Stern on this channel?” I thought. Suddenly, I began hearing about reports of a possible plane crashing into the twin towers. I momentarily became alarmed, but quickly realized it was a re-broadcast of his show during that day of the attack.

Chills shot up through my spine as I listened intently. The feeling was very surreal, and I felt myself transporting back to that horrific day. All the cars stopped in their tracks, but I continued driving. “What the h@#%ll!” I said aloud. “Are you crazy? You can’t just stop in the middle of the highway!” I said to all the cars I swerved around and passed.

Angry eyes pierced through my windows as cars began honking at me. “Only a Floridian would be so stupid,” they must have thought. Then I realized what was happening. All the radio channels went dead and the faces of all the people around turned solemn. It was a moment of silence for the entire city. I immediately stopped, placed my truck into park and sat in silence.

“What am I suppose to do?” I thought. “Commemorate, pray, cry or shout?” The plethora of emotions was too much for me at the time, and so I did all the above.” It was at that moment that I realized who I was, and today I am reminded again.

I am neither Igorot nor American. I am not what I do for a living or for fun. I am not who I think I am most of the time. No, today I am just human.

WARNING: graphic images


  1. proud of you kailyan nay ayy idwanni ak lang ay maamuan ..keep it up...matagu tagu takko am-in....

  2. Nine years ago that morning of 9/11, I was the first person to come in of our department at work. 2 big screen TV sets were broadcasting live what was happening.One in the conference room and one in the breakroom where I was headed to put on the coffee.I stood paralyzed. It didn't seem real, surreal was the word. Here in America? When my mind and heart connected to my sight, all I could do was extend both hand palms spread toward the TV praying aloud, words coming forth from deep with and then there was more. I soon realized, there were other voices too,joining in prayers, beside & behind me as each employee came in.... and then our families came to each of us, We took turns to go to our offices/cubicles & called our families, emailed, faxed. But we keep going back to the conference & break rooms, somehow there's the safety in numbers. We each felt so vulnerable,& exposed. The president of the company announced we could take off, those with young children went home, some f us with families at work or away in college opted to stay to huddle in prayers, call our prayer chains, our ministers.. If we who are on the other side of the U.S were feeling lost, how much more to those who are in New York, DC, those we are seeing on TV& the ones on flight 93? But God was there, everywhere... in the smoke, in the fire... in the plane... amongst us.... and will always be. We were hugging each other, were openly crying and saying God bless you, respecting each other, there was no director, manager, engineer, new employee,etc, we were persons, feeling the same mixed emotions, and openly acknowledging our God who alone can make such horrible terror happening before our eyes be something like His Easter morn!

  3. Great writing again. Only a callused heart wouldn't have felt the same way that day. Respectfully to Mary, I believe in a God of love. What happened that day was not his doing. It was plain evil. It was man's doing. God only allowed it for some reason. Other than that, I like your comment.


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