Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thanksgiving Day: Appreciating your Heritage

Happy Thanksgiving Day to all who live in America. This is truly a holiday worth celebrating because it is focused exclusively on the act of giving thanks for the things we are blessed with. This holiday exists because a group of people were courageous and brave enough to escape the religious persecution of their homeland to begin a new life of freedom here in America. Since then, countless of others have made the decision to leave their homelands and start a new life here. Whether it was done by boat, plane, automobile or feet; a price was paid by those who made it possible to experience all the freedoms this great country provides us. I hope we take the time in some shape or form to thank these people today.

I'm too tired at the moment to blog any further about this topic, so instead, I am providing the link to a related article I wrote for the Examiner. Please take the time to read more about our need to appreciate our heritage on this day of thanks.

Thanksgiving: Appreciate your Heritage

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